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Voters in Ohio’s 14th District Reelect Dave Joyce to Congress

PAINESVILLE – Tonight Ohio’s 14th Congressional District voted to reelect Dave Joyce to Congress. Congressman Joyce released the following statement:

“In these extraordinary times, I am especially thankful for the continued support of Northeast Ohioans, and for my team of hardworking staff, volunteers and interns who helped drive our campaign to victory. We ran a positive, results-focused campaign from start to finish, and I’m proud of every phone call and door knock that helped share with voters my work to protect the lives and livelihoods of Northeast Ohio families.

Although much has changed in 2020, tonight’s results have proven that one thing remains the same: Northeast Ohioans know that when I go to Washington, I don’t put on a red or blue jersey, I wear red, white and blue to fight for them.

Whether it’s voting to fund lifelines for Ohio’s small businesses, securing lifesaving resources for our local hospitals and health care heroes, or bringing manufacturing jobs and medical supplies back from China, I have worked with Democrats and Republicans to deliver results where it counts.

As a lifelong Northeast Ohioan, I am deeply honored to once again have earned the trust of voters here in the 14th district.

I look forward to returning to Washington to do what I’ve always done: put people before party and solutions over politics. With pragmatic, responsible leadership, together we’ll get results that put Ohio back on track.”

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