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8 hours ago
This tragic opioid epidemic is made worse by the surge of fentanyl brought into our country. We need to be tough on crime, protect the border, and strengthen our treatment centers to fight this.

2 weeks ago
Congratulations to Ohio native @AmodioMatt on his impressive @Jeopardy performance. Way to represent our state! https://t.co/DMCXzK5h4X
DaveJoyceOH14 photo
Jeopardy! @Jeopardy
Clue: This Jeopardy! champion has now won his 36th game https://t.co/LheUbP8Dqs
2 weeks ago
I recently introduced this bill to provide more suicide prevention resources for our military. Our troops sacrifice so much to serve our country, we need to do everything in our power to give them our support.

3 weeks ago
Last week, the House included my amendment to create a federal plan to combat the Taliban’s drug trade in the NDAA.

3 weeks ago
Biden is not stepping up to protect small businesses. His policies are creating more unemployment and putting mom and pop shops out of business. Great read from @kevinomccarthy.


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