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When a bill is signed into law, we need to know if the administration is enforcing it or not. I introduced this bill because Congress needs to have the oversight to find out when laws aren’t being enforced by the federal government.
I’m proud of all of our accomplishments for OH14:

-7 bills signed into law
-Millions returned to OH14 for local projects
-Over 54,000 constituent inquiries handled by my office in 2022

In this new session I will continue to fight for the people of OH14!
Happy birthday to Governor @MikeDeWine! Wishing you the best today and this weekend for your inauguration.
As we wrap up 2022, I’m proud that we worked across party lines to get things done this session. This includes getting 7 of the bills I introduced signed into law. I am excited for a new year and another opportunity to deliver results for Northeast Ohio. https://t.co/ZCVICG1PFa DaveJoyceOH14 photo
Merry Christmas to everyone celebrating today. With the snow we got this week I am blessed to celebrate another white Christmas surrounded with love from my family. https://t.co/t857hsz6wH DaveJoyceOH14 photo

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