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2 days ago
U.S. manufacturers are bouncing back. Despite historic disruptions, employment and production have exceeded expectations and businesses are growing. Our manufacturers are resilient and critical to America’s recovery. https://t.co/pe8ac7n0Df
3 days ago
Happy bicentennial to Leroy Township! Looking forward to a wonderful celebration next summer. https://t.co/uXmucLT554
4 days ago
Geauga County received over $2 million in CARES funding passed by Congress. This money will be used to continue the vital operations of our local governments. Municipalities were hit hard by revenue shortfalls & we cannot afford cuts to first responders. https://t.co/pEI2xCr2fW
1 week ago
#TeamJoyce intern of the month, Komal, has made over 15k calls since joining the campaign this month! Komal is a high school junior and plays on the soccer team. Please take a moment to listen to Komal & learn how you can join our team to keep our values represented in Congress. https://t.co/MHkANIQr7U
1 week ago
Proud to join members of both parties from Ohio’s congressional delegation in supporting legislation to help our hospital systems that have suffered financially due to coronavirus. Our hospitals must have the resources to continue providing quality care. https://t.co/62RAfGFwar
1 week ago
ICYMI- The @USACEHQ finished construction of a 600 foot revetment wall to protect the Lake County Raw Water Pump Station, which serves over 40,000 Lake County residents. I’m proud to have voted to allocate this money to the USACE. https://t.co/Fml3d8QtO9

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