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1 day ago
It took our “Border Czar” 91 days to actually visit the border. We have a humanitarian crisis happening, @POTUS and @VP need to make this a priority.

4 days ago
Becoming a father is one of the most important things that happened in my life. I am so fortunate to have had an incredible father who taught me about life and how to become a man. Happy Father’s day to all of the wonderful Dad’s out there! https://t.co/wDWQLPopVM DaveJoyceOH14 photo
6 days ago
I was honored to speak at @ElectCirino’s event tonight. Jerry is doing a great job representing Northeast Ohio in Columbus. https://t.co/tOcnuhUEJd DaveJoyceOH14 photo
1 week ago
I’m proud to have been a lead sponsor at the @lakegopohio Flag Day Picnic last night. The Republican energy is STRONG in Lake County 🇺🇸 https://t.co/js8TdTLXkX DaveJoyceOH14 photo
1 week ago
Here’s to Old Glory, Happy #FlagDay!🇺🇸

Today and every day, Americans should honor our nation’s flag remembering all who have served and defended it in order to give us freedom. https://t.co/wScTCoD4lZ
DaveJoyceOH14 photo
2 weeks ago
June is #GreatOutdoorsMonth and there is nothing else Team Joyce loves more than being outside and going door to door. Here are some pictures from the last election with the best volunteers, I look forward to working with everyone again! https://t.co/7ufz0XWtcu DaveJoyceOH14 photo

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