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Proud to be a sponsor for the @LakeRepublicans holiday party tonight! The YR’s had a packed house as we all get ready for a great 2022 campaign 💪 https://t.co/thJQHgBskK DaveJoyceOH14 photo
Today we remember the 2,403 lives we lost at Pearl Harbor 80 years ago. We will never forget their sacrifice, and we will never forget the bravery of our troops who fought back. https://t.co/e6tb67pCdE
This Democrat proposal to cut faith based child care from pre-K programs is another attempt at removing parents from decisions on their kids’ education. Over 50% of U.S. families use preschools & childcare centers that are religiously affiliated.

Happy Hanukkah to all of our jewish friends beginning their celebrations tonight. I wish you all a Chag Urim Sameach! https://t.co/ibYKMFo2tk DaveJoyceOH14 photo
I am so thankful I get to spend time with my loving family today. Let us be thankful for all of the incredible blessings in our lives. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! https://t.co/yGbRleUum3 DaveJoyceOH14 photo
As we enter the holiday season, this $1.85 trillion spending spree will be awful for the economy. I voted no because this week we are facing the most expensive Thanksgiving ever, yet Biden’s solution is to raise taxes on families and increase inflation.


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